So you’re selling your home during this spooky holiday Eve. Why not leverage Halloween as a real estate marketing opportunity? Parents will be trick or treating with their kids and tons of people will be paying attention to the homes that are decorated for this Fang-Tastic holiday. You never know who could be in the market for a new home. Here are a few recommendations you should consider to get this party startled.

1. Curb Appeal– You should have good general upkeep of your home when on the market, but pay extra special care to your lawn, home condition, etc. There are going to be an unBOOlievable amount of people seeing your house, so be sure to make it look its best. Place pumpkins in flowerless beds, add lights to certain parts of the home that you want to draw attention to, rake leaves from your yard, and watch buyers go batty over how well kept your home is.

2. Staging– Again a no brainer, but some buyers need to visualize what can be done with all the space in your home. Make sure the home feels warm and welcoming. Don’t be afraid to decorate inside for the holiday but you don’t need to go crazy. Make sure the home feels festive and clean so everyone that visits will have skele-fun.

3. Get into the Spirit– Decorate your yard like a basic witch or at-least make sure your home is inviting to families trick-or-treating. That way, they have all the more reason to visit. Hand out good candy and have a gourd time on Halloween.

4. Open House– If you’re handing out candy and talking to parents, don’t be afraid to invite them in for a quick walk-thru of your home. Make sure you have your agent’s real estate sign displayed on your lawn so the front yard isn’t bone dry. I would make a skeleton joke here, but you wouldn’t find it very humerus.

5. Talk to your Real Estate Agent– Make sure your Real Estate agent plans to use marketing tactics such as online advertising or sending out open house/for sale flyers to people in the general area. Facebook/instagram/snapchat/twitter are great ways to gain attention of potential buyers and market your home to a wider computer-friendly media. Pictures and videos are a great way to creep it real so people can see how spooktacular your home is! 

Why miss out on this wicked awesome chance to advertise your home while handing out candy? And if you don’t live at the home you’re selling and you can’t make it to Trick or Treat in your neighborhood, get with your agent and see if they are willing and able to hand out candy in your place. This is a great opportunity for your agent to talk to parents and advertise your home and their Real Estate services and hopefully catch a buyer in their web


If you don’t sell your home during this season, don’t stress it! Each market is different and there are tons of ways to get your home marketed to buyers and sell your home as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for more blogs and don’t forget to Eat, Drink and be Scary!!


Happy Haunting Ghoulfriend

-Laken LeVardi; E.A.